How does Call Whisper work?

If you are starting your own business, running it from home or simply juggling a number of different enterprises all from one physical location, our Call Whisper service will ensure that you are one-step ahead of any incoming callers.

The Call Whisper service will allow you to distinguish the identity of incoming calls with a pre-arranged 'whisper', which only you hear, when your caller is connected. Particularly useful for business home workers to identify business from private calls, you will be able to continue to greet your customers with a professional image of your business without the additional expense of a costly, new phone line.

Add one of our optional Welcome Message, Auto Attendant, Call Recording or Call Forwarding services, and you will be able to increase call response rates, improve customer relations and deliver excellent customer service.

Purchase your 0800, 0844, 0845, 0871, 03, 07 or 09 number first!

Our Welcome Message service can only be used in conjunction with one of our non-geographic phone numbers, so remember to purchase your number first before adding this service!

  1. Set-up the 'only for your ears' Call Whisper voice prompt you wish to hear on your phone line(s).

  2. When a caller dials your number you will hear the pre-recorded Call Whisper prompt before their call connects.

  3. This will allow you to quickly identify the incoming call type and respond professionally and efficiently.


Monthly Fee £5.00


Greet your business callers professionally
Knowing who the call is coming from allows you to greet all business calls courteously and professionally.
No need for expensive, additional phone lines
Simply use the same phone line for both business and residential calls - no costly requirement for installation of additional phone lines.
Instantly identify business calls from personal calls
With your pre-recorded Call Whisper prompt you can instantly separate business from personal calls to the same phone line.
Operate multiple businesses from one physical location
Can't be in two places at once? No need to have phone lines at multiple locations, simply route them all to one physical location with a clever Call Whisper prompt to identify each incoming call.
Additional phone handsets or extra cabling not required
No need to purchase additional handsets or install extra cabling, no requirement for additional monthly phone line contracts.


Is it possible to set-up multiple Call Whispers on one line?

Yes, you can set up as many Call Whispers as you have incoming lines being routed to your non-geographic business phone number.

Will I need to purchase new phone handsets or additional phone hardware?

Our numbers work with your existing phone lines and handsets, so there will be no requirement to upgrade or change any of your existing phone hardware.

Will I have to sign-up for a fixed contract period?

We have no standard contract, we just ask that you give us 30 days notice if you wish to stop using your number.

Do I still have to pay rental charges to my landline phone operator?

We make absolutely no changes to the way in which your phone line works, so you will continue to pay any annual/monthly rental and outgoing call charges to BT or your chosen phone provider.